New Floor Installation

We are experts in the installation of fine wood flooring and can provide custom high quality designs to fit your home, lifestyle or business needs, as well as more economical basic options. These options range from very custom, one of kind patterned flooring, to simpler more traditional plank lay outs.

Though job site finished flooring is what has made us famous, we also offer a variety of pre-finished floors. These can be more economical, and are a quicker process than job site finishing. But there are also more exotic finishes, like custom grey, and rustic weathered treatments, which come from the factory already stained and finished.


Finishing New Hardwood Flooring

One of the advantages of job site finishing is that Clouse can stain the wood to the color of your choice. You’re not restricted to the limited choices as with prefinished products. Mixing and blending colors for custom stains is standard procedure for our craftsmen. Plus we have expertise in more exotic stain and treatments. Clouse craftsmen are experienced in traditional Seal & Wax and European finishes, as well as the latest technology in water-borne, catalyzed finishes. Clouse Floors takes pride in helping you to determine the best finish for you and your family’s needs.

Whether your wood floor has been crafted by Clouse or another company, we will help you keep it in excellent condition for years of durable enjoyment. Our craftsmen are experts in maintaining wax, polyurethane, and other more exotic finishes. Upon completion of every installation or repair, we furnish you with our time-tested floor care guides.

Clouse Floors has a strong history of floor maintenance, and there are many homes and businesses in the greater Houston area where we have maintained the wood floors for 40+ years. We often receive maintenance requests from new homeowners, noting that the Clouse name was provided to them by the previous homeowner as a critical part of keeping the wood floors in top shape.

Partial Repairs

At Clouse Floors, we take great pride in our patching skills.  There are many top-quality installers who do new installations, but it is a rare craftsman who has the experience and patience for partial replacements and repairs.  Our ability to source rare products and to perform complex lacing (weaving new wood into the existing flooring) sets us apart from the crowd.  And regarding water damage and other potential insurance claims see our section on Insurance Claims.

Sanding & Refinishing

At Clouse Floors, we enjoy restoring old, worn floors into beautiful hardwood flooring.  Sanding and refinishing has been transformed by new technology.  From dust reduction systems to the use of the latest, greatest water-borne urethanes, and the newest generations of European Oil Finishes, you can count on Clouse Floors to be on top of their crafts and processes.  Both technicians and craftsmen are involved in continuing education.  So when it comes to having your existing hardwood flooring, or even your pine floors, refinished, contact Clouse Floors.

Renovating & Recoating

Frequently, floors that appear to need refinishing, can be renovated without sanding.  Chemical renovation is often faster and more economical than sanding and refinishing, but it takes training to know what’s the best option.  Recoating is the craft of cleaning and applying a fresh coat of polyurethane and is generally a fraction of the cost and time required for full sanding.  Worn polyurethane finishes are often prime candidates for recoating without having to resand.

Our sales techs have been helping homeowners with their insurance claims for over forty years. We have gained significant insights on the process; we’ve developed excellent reputations with insurance carriers; and we’ve partnered with some of Houston’s finest contractors who specialize in insurance work. Our primary expertise is in the wood flooring part of the equation, but we’re able to provide guidance in most all of the aspects of filing and following through on an insurance claim.

Repairing damaged flooring requires a much higher skill set than even a new floor installation. We have decades of experience in helping to determine the extent of damage, and can, for example, help determine when a floor can be successfully patched and when it’s best to do a full replacement. Sometimes the most challenging part of handling damaged hardwood flooring is determining what’s the source of the problem whether it is water, insects, or other sources. Again, our decades of experience can pay off, as well as our use of laboratory instruments and our connections with other specialists such as residential engineers and specialty investigative service providers.

For emergencies always call your insurance carrier, but even prior to officially filing a claim, if it involves your hardwood flooring, contact Clouse Floors.

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Installation, Repair, & Maintenance of Hardwood Flooring